Transitions and Self-compassion

So often the natural cycle of life creates change and loss. Other times we choose to make a transition. Both circumstances create a point of choice – acceptance or resistance to the change. Many people who come to me for coaching are in transition. Sometimes these are overt and self-directed, for example you want to…


Healing conflict in the workplace. Begin where you are.

Conflict is less likely to arise in a workplace when people are feeling safe, satisfied and connected. When one of these is threatened we can feel stressed and our best selves don’t show up. If you’re experiencing conflict in your workplace, can you identify which of these three basic human needs isn’t being met? Safety…



A time for renewal

Whatever your religious or cultural roots, for many of us Easter has a sense of rebirth and renewal. Growing up in the northern hemisphere where Easter and the emergence of Spring occur together, I was surrounded by the emergence of new life in nature and the garden. But I still have the sense of renewal…